Sacred Geometry — A Key to the Mystery

Sacred Geometry — A Key to the Mystery

A presentation of some of the joyful aspects of three dimensional geometry.

Sacred geometry is the set of rules which underlie the structure of all matter. It is the blueprint for the formation of all life forms. The more we understand these rules, then perhaps the more we can understand about ourselves, our structures and life itself.

This seminar is an entertaining exposure to three dimensions by looking closely at five basic solid shapes, known as the “Platonic Solids.” Studied by the Greeks as symbols of philosophy in the School of Athens (about 24 centuries ago) these seemingly different forms are interrelated in the most marvelous ways. They represent the five elements, musical tones, rhythm, and sacred proportions thus harmonizing with the principals of life. We will also touch on the concept of Genesa, an intriguing system of spheres and circles that influence the growth of plants and life forms.

Genesa is also a technique for grasping complex concepts by mapping them onto three-dimensional shapes. This talk makes extensive use of imagery, objects, toys, three dimensional models, and  NO FORMULAS… Math is supposed to be fun! 

The workshop allows for more time to delve into these topics and get hands on experience using compass and straight edge. We will build some of the models used in the talk using paper and glue, straws and pipe cleaners. People will be able to take home the results.

Talk: 1 ½  to 2 hours:
Best to have a large blackboard (but can do without if need be), overhead projector, screen and slide projector (maybe).

Workshop: 2 ½ to 4 hours:
We will need the above and… the students will need to be at work tables with enough space to draw and make models.

“It has always been my goal to make mathematics fun and understandable, to get folks past that very common ‘fear of geometry and math’ that we may have felt in the seventh grade — because — it was presented as formula and homework with no relevance to the astounding world of order, beauty, and rhythm that Nature has provided us.”

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