GENESA CRYSTALS. Customer Comments

I received the two 12″ crystals. Both are perfect & I have already placed one near a large Buddha that greets everyone coming through the front door, so its the perfect place!! I could feel the Light energy increase right away~!!     – Maggie, Virginia


That is wonderful news! I think people are using this very strange time to reevaluate a lot of things and to try to generate some beautiful and positive energy! Thus, your crystals!    - Marie, Harvard Medical School


I love the garden crystal — is it really possible to notice within a day how much the plants are loving it?   Anyhow, now I need the office one and have just ordered. – -  – Cynthia, Arizona


I must admit to having been very skeptical… we have received one very unexpected donation… it is certainly earning its keep and every Charity should have one.    - Doreen, Hong Kong


The Genesa Crystal has already given me such a great confidence. Thus I encourage other charitable organizations to receive it for fundraising.    - Cyril, Hong Kong


It has been a great help for me.    - Joanna, United Kingdom


I get a good feeling every time I look at it. Our neighbor to the west moved his lawn for the first time since May. Do you think there’s a connection?    - Adele, Iowa


RE: the 36” Genesa Crystal

… the gardeners followed your very easy instructions and put it together with much fun and joy. Is form is beautiful. As you can imagine the gardens are now bursting forth with spring so we are very busy growing on all levels!    - Sue McLean, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland


 It feels like a gift even though I paid for it… What a lovely thing to contemplate all this good energy radiating across the globe.    - Christina, Scotland


 I walked in with it on Sunday and Bill was stunned!…   We might like one for the outside and one inside the house. We so appreciate your work.    -Laura, New Mexico     (our first customer in 1995)


The Genesa works. No question of that! I felt its energy field before I even had it unwrapped. It does intensify what ever the fields the stones (put inside) are already creating.    - Scott, New York


Placing a large (mineral) crystal in the Genesa seems to invigorate the crystal and, if it’s a stone with a strong enery complex of its own, that energy seems to broadcast in all directions at once.    - Scott, New York


…and Lon himself was so enthralled by the crystal he couldn’t put it down for almost an hour!                         – Meredi, Washington