How to Order

How to Order

The Genesa crystal is a sacred geometric symbol. This is an elemental geometry reflecting the ancient wisdom of unity and the modern understanding of interconnectedness.

Used around the world, Genesa crystals are pleasing, interesting sculptures and potentially powerful tools for personal and planetary healing.




Thank you for your support and interest in Genesa Crystals* created by Young Design Studio. Young Design Genesa Crystals have been hand-crafted & custom ordered in my studio for over 25 years.

Our shop is currently on hiatus and is not taking orders at this time. Check back later as to when our creativity will resume.

If you would like to be contacted when we return to the studio, please send us your contact information, along with your particular interest in ordering our Genesa Crystals.

Warm regards,

Jim Young



The copper crystals are hand made with a shiny polish, or with an antique verdi-gris blue-green patina.

 8-Inch Genesa Crystal

Our smallest size crystal is ideal for rooms, offices, studios. It can grace a desk, coffee table, or mantelpiece. The radius of its cleansing properties is about 2/3 of a mile. We hand craft the 8″ from 1/4″ pure copper tubing.




This photo (our poster child) was taken behind the shop in late fall on the first black ice on the pond.


Size (diameter), Type    Crystal Price  + Shipping & Handling*     = Total
  8″ Copper Tubing                $340.00                $28.00*                         $368.00

 12-Inch Genesa Crystal

With flat bands rather than tubing, this is a new design for the Genesa Crystal. It is 12 inches diameter and made from four 3/4″ bands joined with copper rivets. The circles are interwoven and the configuration is based on the identical sacred geometry as our original copper crystals. Therefore, this design also generates the same energetic and cleansing properties.

The bands are a spring copper alloy (bronze) with a brush finish and a durable protective coating which means that this crystal can be used outdoors and retain its shine. Verdi-gris patina is also available. The 12″ bronze crystal comes with a clear weather-proof coating. The 12″ size affects 1 mile in radius.

Size (diameter), Type    Crystal Price  + Shipping & Handling*     = Total
12″ Spring Bands                $140.00              $28.00*                            $168.00

 16-Inch Genesa Crystal


This size, shown with the verdi-gris patina, works well both indoors and out. It is not too large to overwhelm a room but still has a strong presence in a yard or garden. The radius of effect is 1 1/3 miles. Made with 3/8″ copper tube.


Photo taken behind the shop on Heron Cove.



Size (diameter), Type    Crystal Price  + Shipping & Handling *    = Total
16″ Copper Tubing                $390.00              $40.00*                          $430.00

 24-Inch Genesa Crystal


The 24” size is a good outdoor piece, especially in the garden and yards. It is made of 3/8” copper tubing. A 24” was detected two miles away by a Reiki Master.





Size (diameter), Type    Crystal Price  + Shipping & Handling*     = Total
24″ Copper Tubing                $480.00              $58.00*                          $538.00

 36-Inch Genesa Crystal


The 36″ size is an easy-to-assemble kit. Our largest size, the 36″ is quite a monument. It comes as a kit: twelve identical pieces (5/8″ tubing) that assemble easily in about half an hour. This piece can affect a 3 mile radius. It is large enough to sit inside cross legged. Your head would protrude above and your heart would be at the exact center point of the crystal.

Photo: Art exhibit in Damariscotta, Maine.



Size (diameter), Type    Crystal Price  + Shipping & Handling*     = Total
36″ Copper Tubing                $700.00              $58.00*                           $758.00

(Youn Design is not taking orders at this time. Please check back later)

*Genesa® is a registered trademark of The Genesa Foundation.