About Genesa Crystals

About Genesa Crystals

The Genesa crystal is a sacred geometric symbol: four woven circles forming a sphere composed of six squares and eight triangles. This is an elemental geometry reflecting the ancient wisdom of unity and the modern understanding of interconnectedness. Used around the world, Genesa crystals are pleasing, interesting sculptures and potentially powerful tools for personal and planetary healing.

Dr. Derald Langham, a plant geneticist, coined the phrase “Genesa®”* in the 1940′s to describe a family of shapes he found to symbolize growth patterns through which life energy flows. Today, Genesa crystals are found in the homes, studios, gardens and offices of people who wish their living areas to be cleansed of unbalanced energies. People from many walks of life find that the presence of a Genesa crystal affects their thoughts and actions, helping them to live their lives more productively, positively, and joyfully. Healers and therapists from both allopathic and holistic fields often experience amplification of their healing intentions.

In the “Perelandra Garden Workbook” by Machaelle Small Wright it is written that they have use their 24″ Genesa crystal “as an energy ‘air conditioner.’ It draws in energy from within a radius of 2 miles, cleanses and balances it, and then sends it back out.” A 36″ crystal is now at the center of the round Perelandra garden. A 36″ crystal also graces the gardens of the Findhorn Community in Scotland. We have found in Maine that Genesa crystals can amplify and balance a gardener’s co-creative intentions, and that plants thrive and help to physically filter the air when their energetic environment is harmonious.

Young Design Genesa crystals are hand-crafted in copper at our shop in Coastal Maine. They come in five sizes: 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″, and 36″, and are available in two finishes: polished copper and verdi-gris, the antique blue-green patina copper takes on after years of outdoor weathering. The 36″ crystal comes in kit form and is easy, fun and instructive to assemble.

*Genesa® is a registered trademark of The Genesa Foundation.